Why Choose Us?

Straightforward expert advice, no legal speak


Rest assured your
data is safe


Understand what you should and shouldn’t do with your data


Know your organisation is compliant with data protection legislation

So, why choose us as your data protection consultants?

There are lots of data protection consultants out there.

We offer something different….


A consultant who is a solicitor


A consultant who is experienced in business


A personalised service - no call centres


Consultants who are ISO 27001 auditors and implementers


A deep understanding of data protection law


Pragmatic advice that works for your business

Kristy Gouldsmith and Dave Townsend are Sapphire

We are different because of who we are.

Kristy is a data protection solicitor and a former teacher. Dave is a qualified GDPR Practitioner with many years of business experience. Dave and Kristy are both qualified ISO 27001 Auditors and Implementers.

We offer a unique mix of legal, information security and business experience in one team.

A recent interview Kristy Gouldsmith

We’re here to help, every step of the way