Here are some client testimonials that we have received:


I have recently engaged the services of Kristy Gouldsmith to completely upgrade my Data Protection policies and processes for my company, and I have to say how impressed I have been with her knowledge and background regarding this subject.

The training I received after her initial audit and the policies and processes we now in place have safeguarded my company’s Data Protection policies and processes with regard to the new laws in May 2018.

 In addition and most importantly the updated protection that is now in place for my many customers/clients and the safeguarding of their information that I need to hold within my company is now fully compliant with the new law in May 2018.

 I would thoroughly recommend her services and do it now rather than later.

 Peter Robinson. Fire Safety In Order Limited



We sought Kristy’s advice regarding the new GDPR laws coming out in May 2018 and how it would affect our business, Cathedral Chiropractic. Kristy is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and personable and it soon became apparent to us that the new law is going to have a huge impact on our clinic and all other healthcare providers. Initially we were a little overwhelmed however Kristy has been very reassuring and professional in her approach and, following conducting a data protection audit on our business, she laid out a plan for us to proceed. The audit was a little uncomfortable but not at all painful and her plan has been easy to follow. We are now very nearly compliant with the new law and we have nearly a year to become fully up to speed. It has been nice to receive a few compliments from legal and insurance companies about our rigorous standards – we feel almost smug!

I highly recommend Kristy from Sapphire Consulting, you will not regret engaging her for advice and for her service in helping to get you up to speed with the new GDPR law and her ongoing support to remain compliant in the future.

Tamson Barber, Cathedral Chiropractic Ltd


Fantastic course. Was really concerned I would not understand what to do but Kristy made it very clear how to manage the GDPR process and how many things I have to do by May 2018 – excellent course and taught me a huge amount.

Presenter delivered a potentially very dry subject very enthusiastically.

Great presenter and very knowledgeable.