Outsourced DPO

The data protection advice that you need, when you need it.

Why do you need a Data Protection Officer?

Need a Data Protection Officer (DPO) but lack the in-house expertise?

Our DPO services are a cost effective solution to GDPR compliance.

Appointment of a DPO is compulsory if you:

1. Are a public authority or body;
2. Regularly and systematically monitor data subjects; or
3. Process special categories of data or criminal convictions on a large scale.

Equally, clients often chose to appoint us as DPO to demonstrate to the ICO, customers, employees and business partners that they have a responsible approach to their compliance framework.

Key Benefits


Acting fast is important. If you suffer a breach, we're available 24/7 to assist you in minimising the impact.


Our out-of-hours service means that you never have to wait for the answers that you need, whatever the time of the day or night.


We'll keep you informed of all the legislation changes that you need to know about.


Support where you need it. We're happy to visit your location as required.


We’re fully independent (a key requirement of the GDPR).


Save time. Don't spend hours trawling through legislation. We'll quickly give you the answers that you need.

Simply register our name

Register our name with the ICO as your DPO. We will then be on-hand to help whenever you need us.

Pay just an hour a month

Minimum payment is just one hour a month for you to use as you wish.

Additional hours when needed

Our DPO services are flexible. If you need more hours, simply ask. These can be purchased as required.

Need more info? Read our DPO FAQs