GDPR Data Protection Packages

Sapphire Consulting Group offers a full range of GDPR compliance packages and data protection services in order to help you with your journey to compliance.


Our services include:

Information and Advice

Our information and advice service enables you to purchase GDPR consultancy support by the hour, providing you with the advisory support you need quickly and cost-effectively.

The GDPR is a complex piece of EU legislation. With 99 articles and 173 recitals, it can be a challenging task for organisations to understanding the requirements and how to approach compliance.  Our information and advice service offers an affordable, accessible way to access expert data protection advice at a reasonable cost. With our information and advice service, you can speak to an experienced data protection consultant to:

  • Provide information about the new GDPR
  • Understand your GDPR compliance position
  • Provide guidance on privacy management and data protection practice, policies and processes

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 GDPR Data Protection Packages

In order to help you with your GDPR compliance, we have two consultancy packages:

The ‘All-inclusive’ package

The “Flexible’ package

The ‘all-inclusive’ package’ is a start to finish package – we will do your data map and audit, draft all of your policies and train your staff.  The flexible package is just that – flexible.  It allows you to do as much work towards your GDPR compliance as your budget and capacity allow.


The  ‘All-Inclusive’ Package
If you would like us to do all of your GDPR data protection work, then the ‘all-inclusive’ package is for you.

We will conduct an in-depth site visit and review all of your current data protection policies and processes.

We will audit your data trail and develop a data map which documents the data flow into, within and out of your organisation. Following on from this, we will produce a comprehensive report that details your issues and risks but that also contains recommendations for your compliance.

We will then draft data protection policies and processes tailored to your organisation. After meeting with you to review your policies, we will produce a follow-up report detailing your achievement of compliance.

Our ‘all-inclusive’ package doesn’t end there — we will come to you and train your staff on the GDPR and data protection.  We will also address any special training needs that you may have.

The ‘all-inclusive’ package contains:

  • website review
  • site visit and in-depth interviews
  • review of current data protection policies
  • full data map
  • data protection audit
  • initial report containing issues, risks and recommended actions
  • redrafting of privacy policy (Fair Processing Notices)
  • complete set of tailored policies and processes
  • follow-up report
  • training session for staff and all training materials


The ‘Flexible’ Package

If you would like us to help us walk you through your journey to GDPR compliance, then the flexible package is for you.

The ‘flexible’ package starts with one day’s training on the GDPR which gives you an understanding of how to proceed with your data map.  After you have completed your data map, we will assess it and ensure that all of the required information has been obtained.

The next step is drafting of the GDPR policies and processes.  At this point, we can do this for you or you can give it a go yourself and have us assess your policies. If you chose to draft your own policies, we will offer assistance and guidance and point you in the right direction.

Training for your staff comes next and we can do this for you.  We can either train all the staff or just some, the choice is yours.

This package is truly flexible – you could do the data map and the policies for one part of your organisation but request that we do full audits and write the policies for other departments.  We work with you every step of the way on your GDPR journey.


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