We offer training to individuals or any size group. We will come to your workplace or chosen location.


GDPR Training

Training is a critical part of your data protection strategy.  Staff who are properly trained are less likely to make mistakes and put you on the wrong side the the ICO.  We can provide bespoke training for you and your staff on data protection, from introductory level presentations to training on a specific issue. Our training courses can cover the following topics:

  1. Essential EU GDPR background and terminology
  2. Key principles of the GDPR
  3. Data subjects and their rights
  4. Dealing with subject access requests
  5. Marketing requirements
  6. The implementation path to EU GDPR compliance:
    • Privacy by design
    • Privacy impact assessments (PIA)
    • Data audits
    • Training and competence requirements
    • Incident response and breach reporting
    • Updating policies and procedures
  7. International data transfers and the EU-US Privacy Shield

We will come to your location with our projector and screen.

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Direct Marketing Law Training

Consent is changing with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) so it is very important that you understand the new requirements. The data that you are collecting now cannot be used for marketing purposes next May if it does not meet the standards required by the GDPR. Our direct marketing law training will ensure that you are not wasting time and money collecting information that you will not be able to use next year.


If you use electronic marketing, such as emails, you also must comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

Our direct marketing law training can help you assess the consents that you have already and get you started on collecting ones that you can use next year.

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